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  1. Title Birdwatching
    ZOOART Festival, gardens Dino Fresia - Cuneo, Italy
    Work by collective aliment(e)azione

    Aliment(e)azione was a heterogeneous artistic collective born in Sardinia (Italy) that worked from 2008 until 2014.
    As one of the founders and former member, Edoardo Tedde worked with the collective untill 2012.

    Medium installation
    Size variable
    Materials wood, printings, pens, binoculars
    Through the realization of some wooden stations installed within the festival area, visitors could observe the space thoroughly – a former zoo placed in the heart of the city. Aliment(e)azione implemented a conceptual reversal of the meaning of “zoo” as a space within its socio-cultural function, placing people on a dual side, both as observers and observed.

  2. Photos: courtesy of aliment(e)azione archive ©